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The Department Communications Systems conducts research for applications within the areas of:

·        aeronautical communications,

·        mobile radio communications,

·        satellite navigation,

·        vehicular communications and

·        disaster management.

The technical areas comprise:

·        channel sounding, channel modelling, channel estimation

·        channel coding, synchronisation, multipath mitigation

·        modulation, spread spectrum techniques, and multiple access

·        estimation techniques; Bayesian networks

We carry out application oriented research and work closely together with many industry partners. In order to verify and demonstrate new methods and techniques we maintain various laboratories:

·        Indoor navigation laboratory for the demonstration of multisensory navigation

·        Satellite navigation laboratory for the preparation of highly accurate, broadband measurement campaigns

·        FPGA laboratory for the demonstration of new communication systems for aeronautical communications

·        FPGA testbed to validate mobile radio based positioning techniques

·        Car-to-X test area including the Institute’s research car and roadside units

·        Experimental Earth station for satellite measurement campaigns at 40/50 GHz.

Author: Fiebig  Last Change: January 2009